Snapshot Health Tests

Comparisons performed prior and post Naturezymes Health Recovery Program in 2 to 3 week interval during the initial phase of the program.
  • Body composition analysis (body visceral, subcutaneous fat, muscle, and water content).
  • Autonomic Nervous System test with Ewing’s maneuver for early detection of artery and nerve complications of metabolic syndrome and adult diseases particularly diabetes type II.
  • Arterial Health Test - Autonomic Nervous System test can also be tested as a separate component with Plethysmography (PTG) for medium and large artery atherosclerotic stiffening for arterial health test. In addition, autonomic nervous system test at rest is performed without Ewing’s maneuver for analysis of autonomic nervous system’s mental and physical stress recovery function capability.
Additional and not included:
  • Microbiome (Greenbiome) stool tests once prior and post for Gut Microbiota Screen and Health Score. The beneficial, harmful and neutral gut microbial flora analysis to assess the direction of shift in microbial spectrum in our body. This is essential to dynamically change our dietary habits by a scientifically proven precision method.
  • Blood test: Routine blood work including FBS, HbA1c, FTG, Lipid profile, C-reactive protein (CRP).

2D/M mode echocardiogram (LVH, LV mass, LV systolic and diastolic function), Epicardial and Pericardial, Coronary CT for calcium score Bone Densitometry