Cleanse your body and mind with human purification

While 5% is corrected by medicine, the 95% is healed by my own body.

5% human cleansing 95% as my lifestyle!!!


Cleanse your body and mind with human purification (enzyme fasting)

Our human body is an organic union of life where all tissues and organs are interconnected. However, these days, our bodies are rapidly polluted leading to reduced bodily functions, obesity, and chronic metabolic diseases such as hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, fatty liver, angina pectoris, diabetes, and cerebral infarction, which are serious issues that diminish our quality of life. The problem lies in the fact that these issues are not easily cured artificially through manmade products and/or solutions.  


What should I do?

The solution is simple: Go back to nature like wild animals and live according to the providence of nature. The question holds true: Is this realistically possible though? Obviously, I know that living like wild animals is impossible and almost laughable. Therefore, I would like to suggest a possible solution to these issues that I have had the opportunity to witness. I have witnessed many individuals regain their health, as well as slim down through this enzyme program; I have witnessed many people recover, currently witnessing many people, and will continue to see many more recover in the future through this program. Hence, I would like to share this solution with you and will continue to share with many more.  


The principle is simple.

First and foremost, we must change the reader’s perspective-offer a new paradigm to fasting. In general, fasting may lead to sequelae and other health consequences that were not present in the body post-fast due to the excess accumulation of fat and waste and the lack of enzymes in the body. Therefore, if this issue can be overcome, the issue of obesity can also be overcome and the best countermeasures to restore health can be balanced with nutrition and sufficient intake of enzymes and dietary fiber, which are lacking in modern people. If this can be achieved, our bodies can reach homeostasis through the breaking down of fats and energizing the body.

Through proper rest of the digestive system, the enzymes (the key to health) are filled, maximizing metabolic enzymes as well as maximizing autolysis or digestion of adverse cells (sick cells, old cells, dead cells, inflammation, tumors, etc.) in order to return the body to its health. In addition, when the body is purified through enzyme fasting, not only is there recovery from various metabolic diseases, but the mind is purified as well. The individual’s diet then changes naturally, satisfying the body by the providence of nature. Then, the mind and body are in unison, achieving the attitude of a healthy universe.

Even in the case that an individual is unable to apply the enzyme fasting correctly, I would like to provide some suggestions on food intake.

  1. Eat regularly, every 5-6 hours.
  2. Refrain from eating snacks (all foods included).
  3. Avoid overeating.
  4. Refrain from eating late at night (4 hours before bedtime).
  5. Eat side dishes that can be consumed in its natural state rather than having to cook them with various spices.
  6. Avoid processed foods and eat natural foods (preferably with whole shell or peel).
  7. Chew numerous times before swallowing (30 times for overall healthy individuals, 50 times for individuals with health concerns, 100 or more times for individuals with serious concerns).
  8. Minimize meat consumption and maximize fruits and vegetables (only 1-2 fruits 20 minutes before meals).
  9. If meals are consumed late in the evening, do not eat in the morning, giving your digestive system a break.
  10. Have a grateful heart and a thankful attitude towards nature’s abundance of food.

 What I eat or how I eat now is who I am.