Drink water to improve blood circulation.

June 7th, 2019

Drink water to improve blood circulation.


Blood travels throughout your body, providing oxygen and necessary nutrients to cells, but it also filters out the kidneys and bladder along the way. The by-products released from the body following this cycle is known as urine. If the amount of urine increases and a sour odor is present from your urine, diabetes may be the culprit. Diabetes is accompanied by thirst, therefore, the amount of urine increases with the increase in water intake. On the contrary, while urine increases for some, it may also be difficult to urinate altogether for others.

Rather than viewing diabetes as a sickness, it should be viewed as a sign of the body having a difficult time circulating impure blood throughout the body. Individuals with diabetes are usually accompanied by abnormalities in other metabolic systems, such as high blood pressure and heart, kidney, and metabolic issues. In the same way, high cholesterol, elevated liver levels, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, triglycerides and other symptoms are also caused by the lack of metabolic enzymes.

In the midst of busy schedules, individuals trend toward consuming more coffee, soda, dairy, etc. instead of drinking water. Hence, due to the lack of water present in the body to help regulate blood circulation, metabolic and kidney functions veer off from the norm, adversely affecting all organs of the body. 

People often hold the view that the body is high in water content when it is swollen. However to speak more precisely, the water between cells cannot escape, causing the body to retain water and to collect impurities; Imagine stagnant puddles between the cells in your body.

In order to push out the decaying water trapped in between the cells, more water is necessary in one's system in order to flush out the contaminated water. Just as many bodies of water are maintained clean through the downpour of rain, the lymph is also filtered through one's sufficient intake of water. 

When tea is commonly fermented, the components of the tea undergoes a chemical change that changes the taste of the tea to become less bitter. This fermentation has the ability to soothe an upset or sour stomach while regulating the functions of the stomach. In addition, the fermented ingredients absorbed through the small intestine will act to neutralize cholesterol in the blood, as well as play a role in enhancing beneficial bacteria in the body while maintaining antibacterial activity. Fermented tea is beneficial in diuretic action due to enzyme activation to help regulate the metabolic system.

When you drink fermented tea, it is recommended to drink it in a warm state. The reason behind this is because enzymes are activated at a body temperature of 36.5 degrees Celsius or more; When you drink warm tea, your body temperature rises momentarily, which is optimal for enzyme activation. Some may worry that drinking hot tea will kill the enzymes, however, if you are drinking tea that is just hot enough to drink, this heat is not hot enough to kill the enzymes. On the contrary, when cold water suddenly enters the body, the body goes into shock and uses energy to match the water temperature to that of the body's. Cold water can break the balance and adversely affect your body temperature. It is recommended to drink 1.8 liters of water a day for adults (60kg weight; weight x 30 cc).

The best way to drink warm water is to slowly intake the water while mixing it with your saliva so that you can avoid burning your palate. Warm water not only raises body temperature, but it also activates the enzymes in the body to slowly regulate movement of body fluids such as blood, lymph, and interstitial fluid to flush out the system of debris.

In order to prevent metabolic diseases, it is essential to first rest your intestines, then supplement your body with necessary enzymes, and finally, drink plenty of fluids to help move waste products exit the body.