About Clinical Health Recovery Program

In the Clinical Health Recovery Program, consuming Complex Fermentation Enzymes leads to the secretion of harmful toxins from the body. Once consumed, the enzymes activate the body’s own metabolic enzymes, thereby enhancing the body’s natural cleansing and healing processes.

The Complex Fermentation Enzymes bacteria, herbal medicinal products, grains, seaweed, mushrooms, beepollen, oystershell, and fruits. Fermentation is easily influenced by factors such as temperature, time, humidity, oxygen levels, and the bacteria themselves, which must all be expertly monitored throughout the fermentation process. Maintaining low temperature and low pressure ensures the optimal conditions for fermentation. Depending on the circumstances, the fermentation process typically involves three distinct fermentation cycles. The entire process results in Complex Fermentation Enzymes that are formulated to allow the body detoxify and cleanse naturally.

Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, once stated, “Everyone has a doctor in him or her”. This was a reference to the body’s natural healing ability. Complex Fermentation Enzymes enhance the natural doctor that lives within ourselves.

The Clinical Health Recovery Program is the ideal program for happiness, material and mental success, and hope.

Naturezymes CEO Kyuyeon Kim