Our Naturezymes System and Clinical Health Recovery Program (CHRP) are a clinically validated comprehensive wellness program. We incorporate lifestyle medicine with patented complete products of activated complex fermentation enzyme system to be the realistic driving force and solution for the practice of lifestyle medicine. It works with the body’s powerful natural ability to recover to optimal health. The Naturezymes System and CHRP are committed to the principles of basic science and education. The following are the Naturezymes authored books and training manual on the subject of enzyme nutrition. Selected essential basic scientific articles are to initiate and facilitate the learning process for the CHRP healthcare practitioners. The following content are on the various subjects of optimal health and lifestyle medicine. We also offer educational seminars for healthcare professionals and patients.

Naturezymes System authored books and training manual
  • A Doctor In You! (95% you treat and 5% doctor treats) - English
  • Strengthening Immune system with gut Microbiome – Korean, best seller, healthcare.
  • Miracle Stories in Clinical Health Recovery -Korean
  • Naturezymes System activated complex fermentation enzyme Training Manual – English
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1 The Effect of Blood Nutrient Index on Depression 2021-09-21 193 View
2 Analysis of the Effect of Blood Sugar, Calcium, Chloride Ions, and Blood Urea Nitrogen on Skin Wrink 2021-09-21 195 View
3 A Rearch of Positive Analysis Dietary Multiple Fermented Culture Substitute Diet on Fatty Acid?Blood 2021-09-21 189 View
4 Advanced glycation end-products and the kidney 2021-09-21 177 View
5 Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) promote melanogenesis through receptor for AGEs 2021-09-21 172 View
6 Crosslinking of alpha-synuclein by advanced glycation endproducts--an early pathophysiological step 2021-09-21 175 View
7 Advanced glycation end products in Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases 2021-09-21 178 View
8 AGE-RAGE Stress in the Pathophysiology of Atrial Fibrillation and Its Treatment 2021-09-21 176 View
9 The human gut archaeome: identification of diverse haloarchaea in Korean subjects 2021-06-03 258 View
10 Revised Estimates for the Number of Human and Bacteria Cells in the Body 2021-06-03 252 View
11 The microbiome of uncontacted Amerindians 2021-06-03 275 View
12 Biomarkers of chronic inflammation in disease development and prevention: challenges and opportuniti 2021-06-03 263 View
13 Diversity, stability and resilience of the human gut microbiota 2021-06-03 261 View
14 Defining dysbiosis and its influence on host immunity and disease 2021-06-03 244 View
15 Stress and stability: applying the Anna Karenina principle to animal microbiomes 2021-06-03 260 View
16 Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastasis: Evolving Paradigms and Future Directions 2021-06-03 276 View
17 Gut microbiota 2021-05-28 270 View
18 Gut microbiota mediates intermittent-fasting alleviation of diabetes-induced cognitive impairment 2021-05-28 284 View
19 Cell Metabolism 2021-05-28 277 View
20 Liposomes as drug carriers 2021-05-04 286 View
21 Liposome: classification, preparation, and applications 2021-05-04 281 View
22 Lifestyle Medicine: A Brief Review of Its Dramatic Impact on Health and Survival 2021-03-02 324 View
23 Prevention of chronic disease in the 21st century: elimination of the leading preventable causes of 2021-01-12 335 View
24 Multiple chronic conditions among US adults 2021-01-10 334 View
25 Heart Rate variability reveals that a decrease in parasympathetic activity dominates 2021-01-10 313 View
26 Heart rate variability in chronic and acute stress 2021-01-10 351 View
27 Cortisol awakening response and heart rate variability 2021-01-10 317 View
28 Chronic Diseases: Causes, Treatment, And Prevention 2021-01-10 308 View
29 Scientific Evidence - American College of Lifestyle Medicine 2021-01-10 316 View
30 A clinician’s guide to microbiome testing 2021-01-10 313 View
31 A method to quantify autonomic nervous system function in health, able-bodied individuals 2021-01-10 309 View
32 Breakthrough in Clinical Cardiology 2021-01-10 296 View
33 Better Management of Cardiovascular Diseases by Pulse Wave Velocity 2021-01-10 310 View
34 Measurement of Visceral Fat Using Bio-Impedance Analysis 2021-01-10 329 View
35 Intermittent fasting may benefit in metabolic syndrome 2021-01-10 315 View
36 Lifestyle habits may slip after preventive medication initiation 2021-01-10 291 View
37 Role of the Microbiota in Immunity and inflammation 2021-01-10 295 View
38 The Impact of microbiota on brain and behavior 2021-01-10 303 View
39 Associations of Processed Meat, Unprocessed Red Meat, Poultry, or Fish Intake With Incident Cardiova 2021-01-10 328 View
40 Rise in gut microbial metabolite may elevate CHD risk 2021-01-10 274 View
41 Why Preventing Chronic Disease is Essential 2021-01-10 303 View
42 A plant-based diet and coronary artery disease: a mandate for effective therapy 2021-01-10 308 View
43 Shared Risk Factors in Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer 2021-01-10 283 View
44 Autophagy: Cancer. Other Pathologies, Inflammation, Immunity, Infection, and Aging 2021-01-10 296 View
45 “Autophagy in Yeast Demonstrated with Proteinase-Deficient Mutants and Conditions for its Induction” 2021-01-10 314 View
46 ORIGINAL RESEARCH, A way to reverse CAD? 2021-01-10 326 View
47 Lifestyle medicine: a new medical specialty? 2021-01-10 316 View
48 A Brief Review of Its Dramatic Impact on Health and Survival 2021-01-10 301 View
49 Future of Cardiovascular Disease in the United States 2021-01-09 318 View
50 Healthy Lifestyle Habits May Be Associated With Reduced Risk Of Chronic Disease 2021-01-09 295 View